Liverpool and Fulham could make a transfer swap that might benefit both clubs 


There is a lot of uncertainty at Liverpool at the moment with Jurgen Klopp’s departure after the season ends. However, the club has not stopped working towards potential transfers. Although there is no firm decision on who will replace Klopp, there are several speculations surrounding Liverpool. There are rumours regarding player transfers and who could be sold in the summer. Additionally, the Reds are in urgent need of back-up options due to the bombardment of injuries. Signing defenders seems to be Liverpool’s main priority, however, their itch to strengthen their midfield continues. This is where the topic of Stefan Bajcetic comes in and how valuable he could be for Liverpool. The 19-year-old was touted to be the next big thing for Liverpool, however, the other youngsters have taken him away from the limelight with their performance.


Liverpool might use Bajcetic as an asset to get Fulham’s midfielder

Fulham’s Joao Palhinha has been on Liverpool’s radar for a while now. The Cottager’s are looking for £60 million for the midfielder. Despite firmly deciding to keep him at the club, Fulham’s original decision has been overturned. Liverpool are looking at Stefan Bajcetic as a bargaining chip to add Palhinha to their squad. The vice-chairman of Fulham, Tony Khan recently said that they are looking for offers for Palhinha this summer. This could open the door for Liverpool, which is where a cheeky swap between the clubs can take place. Although Bajcetic could be a significant player for Liverpool in the future, the club might be keener on getting the Fulham midfielder this summer. Sending Bajcetic to a club where he could become their first choice, while gaining a top transfer target could be a beneficial swap for both clubs. 

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