Liverpool are the frontrunners for Jude Bellingham: What can he offer to Jurgen Klopp?

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According to The Mirror, Liverpool are leading the race for signing Jude Bellingham. The England international has caught the eye of every Premier League team. Every team wanted to sign the youngster before his transfer to Dortmund was finalized. Moreover, he has been phenomenal in Europe and is a great addition to the Dortmund squad.

However, he is still under the Dortmund contract until 2025 but is heavily linked with a move away from the club. Moreover, he is priced at £90 million but Liverpool are still willing to move forward with the move. In addition to that, the England international was also involved in a recent controversy. He was fined £34,000 for his comments on the referee who was present for Der Klassiker. Manchester United also had a great interest in signing the youngster from Birmingham. Jude Bellingham is a more mature player than many others are at his age. This explains why he is getting more game time from the other players of the same age. Moreover, this also explains the interest he is generating from clubs all around Europe.

Liverpool will be a far more dangerous side with Jude Bellingham on their side. He can replace a lot of their ageing players and is capable of handling the gegenpress of Jurgen Klopp. Bellingham has previously displayed his quality in Europe and can replicate the same at Liverpool.

What can Jude Bellingham offer Liverpool?

Jude Bellingham’s main attribute is that he is very versatile as a player. He can play in all areas of the midfield and can link up with the forwards and wingbacks. He is also very good at getting away from defenders and creating space. Moreover, he also has a clever eye for a cheeky little pass to surprise the defenders. Although he is not as good at playing long balls but thrives in playing short passes. Bellingham likes to invite pressure and get away from it which gives him and his teammates more space. In addition, he is also a hard worker and has the intensity to sustain in the Premier League.

The most important quality is that he is very much tactically adept at such a young age. Normally, youngsters take time to understand the tactical part of the game. However, Bellingham has already shown how he takes up good positions to break the opponent’s plays. He is also quick in moving the ball once he gets it in possession and since he is young, the manager can mould him into a player that he likes. Jurgen Klopp will be very lucky to get a player and shape him into what he likes.

Although Liverpool does not have a track record of making the big signings, Jude Bellingham is capable of justifying his price tag. His energy and intensity will be profitable to replace the ageing personnel like Jordan Henderson. Moreover, Bellingham has the screening role at Dortmund but he can also thrive under a more attacking role under Jurgen Klopp. It will be a big transfer talk because of the huge price and the great quality and hype of the player. Jude Bellingham has also previously shown his affection towards the Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard. This might make it easier for Bellingham to make the decision.

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