Liverpool asses that this youngster is perfect for the club

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Numerous scouts for Liverpool believe that Jude Bellingham is the needed box-to-box player

Jude Bellingham is the most complete midfielder that Liverpool needs currently. This is according to a report by The Athletic, which claims that Liverpool scouts view Bellingham as a ‘complete” midfielder. As a midfielder, Bellingham has every attribute that Liverpool currently wants from its midfielder. According to the article, Bellingham ‘Ticks all the boxes necessary for Liverpool. Moreover, Jurgen Klopp is a huge admirer of Bellingham. When asked about his move to Anfield, Klopp said:

“He’s not on the market, so that’s the first problem with that player. Actually, it’s the only problem with this player”

Erling Haaland joined Manchester City from Borussia Dortmund this summer. This was the major reason why Dortmund didn’t want to let Bellingham leave this summer. Losing two of their most prized assets in the same transfer window would have been a huge blow for the club. However, the situation is bound to be very different next year. Liverpool, Manchester City, United, and Chelsea will all test Dortmund’s resolve to keep Bellingham in the next summer. On the other hand, Dortmund will try everything in their power to keep Bellingham with them for the foreseeable future. A difficult proposition, but a realistic one with all the news available so far. According to the same article in the Athletic, Dortmund have shut down all attempts by Liverpool and other clubs to open a discussion about Bellingham.

An all-out bidding war for Bellingham seems more and more likely as he keeps on putting on his amazing performances. However, Liverpool cannot compete with the financial capability of some of the clubs in the Premier League whose spending capacity seems to increase in every transfer window. Instead, Liverpool will have to hope that their plan for Bellingham is enticing enough for the player to join them when he is available in the market.

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