Liverpool: Injury woes continue for the club

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Liverpool faces a severe blow as Alexander-Arnold and Luis Diaz suffer serious injuries

When it rains, it pours, this is certainly the case for Liverpool currently. The Champions League finalists and FA Cup winners of the previous season have looked like a shadow of the fearful team that they were last season. Injuries, fatigue, and injuries have intensified the struggle for consistency for Liverpool. They are currently 10th in the League with the hopes of another title slipping away from their hands. The 3-2 defeat to Arsenal has not helped matters at all. Apart from a loss, the match also yielded a lot of injuries for key Liverpool players. Trent Alexander-Arnold and wild card Luis Diaz have both suffered injuries that will keep them out of action for several weeks to come.

Alexander Arnold was substituted at half-time owing to a calf injury. The Liverpool right-back faces at least two weeks out of action. He will miss Liverpool’s Champions League clash against Rangers on Thursday. Luis Diaz is out of action as well because of a knee injury. Jurgen Klopp gave an update about the injuries in the pre-match conference before the Champions League game against the Rangers. Speaking about Luis Diaz, the Liverpool manager said:

Lucho we had to change before [half-time]. [It’s] something with the knee, not good.

Giving an update on Trent Alexander-Arnold, he said:

He twisted the ankle, not good. Trent never, in seven years, went off if he could have played on. He was in too much pain, it started swelling immediately, so we will have to see.”

This might be a blessing in disguise for Liverpool. Trent Alexander Arnold has not had a good couple of games for the team. Whether wanted or not, this will be a much-needed rest for the key player who has been overworked and is now burnt out. Liverpool will be hoping that this inspires Alexander-Arnold to make an even stronger comeback when he returns to the squad.

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