Liverpool is interested in re-signing Raheem Sterling from Manchester City

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Liverpool is said to be interested in re-signing Raheem Sterling from Manchester City.

The England international moved from Anfield to the Etihad in July 2015. But he has battled for starts under Pep Guardiola this season and has lately stated that he is open to leaving.

Leading the battle to acquire Sterling is said to be Barcelona. And City is reportedly ready to let the attacker depart for a price of £68 million over the winter or next summer.

If Manchester City and Raheem Sterling are preparing to split ways. This seems increasingly inevitable as the weeks of bench time and goal droughts pile up. It is unlikely to happen against the background of an explosive brawl.

While Sterling was at the core of most of the City’s greatest performance between 2017 and 2020. A time in which Pep Guardiola’s squad won six of the seven major English football awards.

However, the squad has evolved, and their style has been gradually modified. Guardiola perfected pandemic football by emphasising the extra pass and deliberate build-up.

The End For Raheem Sterling at Manchester City?

This season, City have evolved again more. As seen by the 5-1 midweek triumph over Club Brugge. During which none of the front five appeared to have permanent positions and both full-backs surged into the penalty area to score.

These are the kinds of alterations that have taken the team away from Sterling’s basic skills as a specialist. Who is a livewire wide attacker who thrives when the tempo of attacks is slow.

When players like Sterling, who have risen to the peak of the sport. Their alternatives are restricted in modern football if they decide they want to leave the club. While this is so as there aren’t many clubs who can pay the Transfer Fees or the Wages.

This helps to explain why, according to SportBild, Liverpool is one of the clubs interested in Raheem. If that storey has any legs, it is one that City simply must let to continue. It’s easy to forget how much Sterling bet his reputation on orchestrating a transfer from Liverpool to City in 2015. A situation that saw him roundly criticised. That was understandable for Liverpool supporters, but Raheem became a target for analysts and tabloids.

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