Liverpool legend admits he almost left Anfield

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Speaking on Joe Cole’s YouTube podcast with BT Sports, Jordan Henderson has revealed that he almost left Liverpool back in 2012.

Back in 2012, Liverpool wanted to let Jordan Henderson go in a swap deal with Fulham for Clint Dempsey. Henderson was struggling to put his name in the starting eleven of the squad back in 012. On the other hand, Clint Dempsey had scored 17 goals for Fulham. So a swap deal made sense to the Liverpool hierarchy. However, Jordan Henderson refused t a swap deal and opted to stay at Anfield to fight for his place. A decision that would change the Liverpool team and his career forever.

So, Henderson stayed at Anfield and fought for his place in the squad. Clint Dempsey moved to Spurs as a move failed to materialize to Liverpool. Henderson then went on to become the most decorated captain in the history of Liverpool. Moreover, along with the Reds, Henderson was the backbone of the England National team as well. Speaking to Joe Cole, Henderson said:

“It wasn’t a tough decision for me, but it hurt hearing it from a new manager when Brendan came in that it was a possibility that the club would do and wanted to do because they wanted to bring Clint Dempsey in at the time. It wasn’t difficult for me because I didn’t want to go. I’d only been there a year, I sacrificed a lot and gave everything to get to Liverpool and I felt like I had a lot more to give, so it was an easy no from me,”

Henderson’s willingness to fight for his place in the Liverpool squad is a testament to his hard work and self-belief. His grit and determination have turned him into a genuine Anfield legend.

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