Liverpool looking set to make a bid for Bellingham

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According to several reports, Liverpool have launched an £85.5million bid for Jude Bellingham. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is a massive admirer of Bellingham. However, it seems unlikely that Dortmund will let Bellingham go.

Bellingham’s contract doesn’t expire till 2025. It is being said that Dortmund is bracing themselves for a host of bids for the England star next year. Liverpool, Manchester United, and Real Madrid are all interested in signing the teenager.

A bidding war between the top European clubs is sure to happen for signing the services of Bellingham once they get a whiff that he is available.

Liverpool have reportedly made an opening bid for Jude Bellingham

However, Borussia Dortmund are unlikely to sell their player this summer. The reason is the departure of Erling Haaland. It will be very regressive for Dortmund to sell their two young and talented players in one season. This means they are going to set an enormous price tag for potential suitors if they want to whisk Bellingham away from Dortmund.

However, that doesn’t mean the Reds are not already making plans for next year. Bellingham is said to be firmly in the club’s sights. A potential move next summer from the club is not off the table.

Bellingham- a cover for Henderson

Jordan Henderson made his debut with Liverpool in 2011. Since his arrival, he has been a solid midfield presence in the Liverpool side. Henderson is a resilient, sturdy, and imposing presence on the pitch. However, all good things must end. Such is the case with Henderson’s career at Anfield

Henderson has only one year left with the club. Given his age, it seems unlikely that Liverpool will extend his contract. Therefore, Liverpool would be looking for substitutes for the dependable Englishman.

Jude Bellingham is one such option. Bellingham will turn 19 next summer. He is a talented player with a lot of [potential. Signing the Midfielder would mean that Liverpool will have a talented and young player as an option for the middle of the pitch. Their midfield issues might lessen a lot with this signing. If the midfielder wants to make a comeback to his home nation and Liverpool shows a clear interest, then this deal could be completed without a hitch.

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