Liverpool made a mistake in the midfield says Souness

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Liverpool are currently tenth in the league with just two wins in their last five matches in the Premier League. Injuries have played their due part no doubt. However, not all the problems in Liverpool are due to injuries. Fatigue and lack of intensity in the pressing are the clear signs of a club that is facing burnout after a brilliant campaign. However, the fact that Liverpool came so close to a quadruple the last season and just managed two trophies must weigh heavily on the club and its players. As a club, The Reds have lost their identity and they need to reinvent themselves yet again. A starting point for this will be rebuilding the midfield. Most of the midfielders are on the wrong side of thirty. Klopp should have realized this and gone for some fresh faces in the midfield. This is according to pundit Graeme Souness.

Souness believes that this plight of Liverpool is due to the ‘personnel”. Speaking to talkSPORT, Souness said:

“If you’ve had success, going down a certain road, do you all of a sudden change it? It’s personnel. It’s not Klopp. One (area) where I think Liverpool made a mistake is the midfield; screaming out for strengthening. You’ve got Thiago Alcantara, 31, Jordan Henderson, 32, (James) Milner, (nearly) 37. Keita, for me, isn’t good enough. I think that’s a fairly obvious area where you need to strengthen.”

Souness dismisses speculations on the rumors regarding the Liverpool manager

Jurgen Klopp managed two clubs, Mainz and Dortmund, before his spell with Liverpool. However, he faced immense difficulties in his seventh year with both of his clubs. Coincidentally, Klopp left both Mainz and Dortmund in his seventh year. This has led to many speculations about the ‘seven year curse’ striking the Liverpool manager yet again. However, Souness was quick to dismiss this theory. He said:

“I don’t see the comparison between Mainz, Dortmund and Liverpool. I don’t see it being a seven-year thing. Just a gigantic coincidence. It’s complete tosh”

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