Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp reveals that the defender is not even thinking to leave

Liverpool defender Joe Gomez is not even thinking to leave the club claims manager Jurgen Klopp. The defender has been at Liverpool since 8 years. However, in the past few years his start has been limited. There were rumours that the English man is billing to leave the club for regular starts. The manager now puts a halt to all these now. Moreover, this season he is also getting game time due to injuries. The defender has changed his style and is now more versatile. He has been very impressive this season owing to his transition as fullback.

Speaking to The Independent, the Reds boss quotes that,

“He [Gomez] never came to my office and asked, ‘Can I go?’ No, never. It was always sorted before it could get to that point. We sorted a new contract, he wanted to sign and he wanted to stay. I think him and his wife really feel he is Liverpool through and through and so that is the reason more than anything else.

He knows that in his time with his injuries that if you go somewhere and get injured you are just a different player. But here he is still our boy and we will deal with it and you have all time to get back and that is a positive as well.”

The defender will not be leaving Liverpool for now

it is a great news for the supporters of Liverpool as defender is with the club since long. Gomez joined the club when he was 18 and spent his most of the time with the club. Perhaps this is the reason why he and his family are greatly attached to the Merseyside club. Although, he will still prefer to play as a centreback but the demand of the situation is different for him. Nevertheless he will still be happy to have some game time on the pitch.

If Liverpool’s reported interest in the likes of Devyne Rensch come to fruition, maybe that will stop being the case. But for now, Gomez is a really important player for Liverpool.

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