Liverpool may turn their attention towards the son of former Real Madrid legend

Liverpool are looking to turn their interest to former Real Madrid legend’s son Federico Redondo. Liverpool are said to be the mystery Premier League club to sign Argentinos Juniours’ Redondo. However, the Reds are in negotiations with Fluminese man Andre Trindade at the moment. Though, a news of Liverpool likely to pull off the deal is reported recently. Consequently, Emmanuel Luiz, a Brazilian journalist, told The Redmen TV that Redondo might be an option.

“I will tell you what I know about Federico Redondo, he’s from Argentinos Juniors. Fluminense are looking at him to be the replacement of Andre. Maybe it’s only the manager of the athlete that’s saying this, but clubs in the [Premier League] big six are looking at Redondo to buy him right now, maybe loan him.

What they were telling me, if Fluminense sells Andre they have a big chance of getting Redondo. But clubs like Fulham, Wolves are looking to maybe get Redondo right now. Clubs like Liverpool, Tottenham, I don’t know which club from the big six, but they are looking at him too.

My feeling is that Liverpool will hire a defensive midfielder from South America. The biggest three names that we have right now are Andre, Federico Redondo and [Gabriel] Moscardo from Corinthians.”

Liverpool looking to commote a move for Redondo

It is worth noticing that the Reds are looking for a defensive midfielder in South America. They might be thinking to imitate the success of Fabinho from a player of his continent. Although, Andre is a better option by far at the moment. Moreover, he has recently won Copa Libertadores as well. Nevertheless, Redondo, son of legendary Fernando, is worth giving a chance as well. He is clearly a future talent who could bloom under Jurgen Klopp. Moreover, he comes from the same academy as that of Alexis Mac Allister.

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