Liverpool receive major setback thanks to Manchester City

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Liverpool under-18s have suffered a 3-1 humiliation against Manchester City under-18s. Liverpool have suffered a massive blow as they are now 10 points off the top, While Manchester City lead. City are on the top of the league with an impressive 49 points in 22 games. While, The reds have amassed 39 points in 21 games.

Liverpool came off from beating Leeds United 10-3 and were hoping to keep their destructive form. However, They met their match in the form of Manchester City who defeated them 3-1. City opened the scoring with Will Dickson scoring in the first 5 minutes. Bobby Clarke levelled the score for Liverpool and seemed like the match would end in a draw. Until, City came out of nowhere and scored twice in the final 15 minutes.

Liverpool were pressuring City into defeat until they shut off for an instant, Kian Brecken scored for City securing them the lead. Liverpool were pressurizing City for the equalizer until substitute Daniel Ogwuru finished off the game in spectacular fashion by scoring the goal and securing City’s win.

Can Liverpool do the impossible against City?

Even Though the Reds do have a game in hand, It seems highly unlikely they will be able to close down the gap at the end of the season. However, Premier League football has always been very competitive and unpredictable.

For instance, Tottenham and Arsenal were belting it out for the top spot in the 2016/17 season and Tottenham was all set to win. In the end, It was Leicester City who won the title against 2000/1 odds. Anything could happen in the league, all that matters is that Liverpool keep their head down and play their best game possible.

Liverpool under-18s take on Wolves under-18s next on Tuesday.

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