Liverpool wants to sign Mohamed Amoura next season


Liverpool is looking to sign a new striker to improve their attacking their game from next season. The player is currently in form right now.

He is being playing one of the best games in his career and there was a game where he played against Jurgen Klopp squad and played a very good game.

Liverpool loves to sign the players who are currently in their form and tell the world that that these players are the best players in the world.

We can see in the Liverpool’s history where they signed players like Sadio Mane, Darwin Nunez, Luis Diaz, etc. All these players were young and in the top of their form.

All these players played the best best football in Liverpool and they also won a lot of trophies.

That is how Liverpool works they brings the young players and use them fully at their extent, help them to hit their top form in their career. Mane helped the club to win the champions league and made one of the best trio in the world at that point of time.

Liverpool thinks Mohamed Amoura will be a great player for the team

We can also see that Nunez has also started to show is top form how well he can play on the other side Diaz is already been playing his best football at the club. He is the replacement of Mane and he replaced him very well.

It’s been confirm that klopp will leave the club at the end of the season, but it does not affect the plans that they have made for next year. It’s been said that the next upcoming manager will take over the plans made by Liverpool.

The next possible signing will Mohamed Amoura, is currently in form and had been scoring a lot of goals not only that he also played a beautiful game against the reds.

They have kept their eyes on him as Klopp was very impress with him when he saw him playing against his own team. He thinks that he can easily fit in the team and help others to hit their potential.

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