Liverpool’s home Anfield is set to have a new look from the next season


Liverpool FC‘s home ground, Anfield is one of the most iconic football stadiums in the world. The iconic stadium was established in 1884 and is amongst the oldest stadiums in the UK. An interesting and ironical fact about the stadium is that it was first rented by Everton FC, Liverpool’s huge rivals. But later due to disputes over rent, Everton decided to move out. Liverpool rented the ground later that year which since then has been their fortress.

Fortress Anfield‘ is a name given to the stadium. It is for a fact that Liverpool recently, have had one the best home records in Europe. This mainly is due to the unbelievably electric atmosphere that the Reds fans create in all of Liverpool’s home games. A good news for all the Liverpool fans is that their fortress is undergoing a transformation, which will be completed soon.

Expansion project will make Anfield’s atmosphere even more incredible

According to Liverpool Echo, the construction work that began back in September 2021, is expected to be completed before Liverpool’s first home match of the new season. This development project will see seating capacity increase upto 61,000. Till last season, it was 54,000. The project focuses on expanding the Anfield Road Stand.

The estimated cost of the project is around £80 million. After the completion of the project, Anfield will become England’s 5th largest stadium and Premier League’s 4th largest stadium. The undergoing work is also the reason for which the fans would have to wait till the Gameweek 2 to watch their team play at home. Reportedly, Liverpool also asked the FA to schedule their first game away from home because of the ongoing work at their stadium.

Therefore, it can be expected that the atmosphere at Anfield will be even more electric. The Reds fans will be eager to get back to the newly developed stadium to experience the new, incredible atmosphere.

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