LSG skipper KL speaks once again on strike rate criteria in T20

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The Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) captain, KL Rahul, gave his thoughts on the “strike rate” before the IPL 2023. The team revealed their new kit for the season on March 7, as the 16th edition of the tournament is set to begin soon.

At the launch event for their new jersey, Rahul shared his opinion on the importance of maintaining a good strike rate in the shortest format of the game. He believes that the emphasis on strike rate is overrated and that batters should focus on the specific situation they find themselves in during a match.

LSG captain KL Rahul speaks,

“I think the strike rate is over-rated. But it depends upon the demand, like if you chase 140, you don’t need to go with 200 strike rate. It depends upon the current situation. There are players in the team that we will encourage to play their natural game. There will certain players in the team to take the responsibility of seeing the team through. So, it is based entirely on that particular day and on that particular situation,”

he said at the event.

Overall, Rahul emphasized that strike rate is not the only factor that determines a player’s performance in a match. It should not be the sole focus of a team’s strategy. Instead, the team needs to adapt to the specific conditions of the game and make decisions accordingly.

The LSG franchise had a great start in 2022, and now they want to do even better in the 16th edition. They want to compete for the top prize, which is very prestigious. To improve their chances, the team’s management bought some new players in the auction held in December 2022. These players are Jaydev Unadkat, Romario Shephard, and Daniel Sams, who will add to the team’s bowling strength.

The team also wanted to make their middle-order batting stronger, so they spent a lot of money, INR 16 crore, on Nicholas Pooran during the auction. In the previous edition, the team often relied too much on their top-order batsmen to score runs. This left them struggling in matches where the top-order failed to deliver. With Pooran on board, the team is optimistic that they can now score big runs and compete better.

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