Luis Suarez revealed what Liverpool management asked him about Nunez last season

Former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez shares what Liverpool asked him personally about Darwin Nunez. Suarez and Nunez both come from Uruguay and have a good relationship as well. Liverpool asked Luis to speak with Darwin about his early form with the club. It was tough first Premier League season for the Uruguayan. Although Nunez managed to score 15 goals throughout the season, he was clearly short of confidence. However, this year, the tables are looking to have turned. The 24-year old striker is looking happy and rejoiced. It is expected that it has something to do with the veteran striker. Speaking to ESPN Argentina, El Pistolero said,

“I told Darwin about [taking] the number 9 [for Uruguay] in Qatar and we always talked about it before.

As a teammate, I am not surprised because I knew, until last year when he had a bad time in Liverpool I spoke with him. I Liverpool they told me to talk to him. I warned him and told him what English football was. He, with the heart he has, opened up and told me what had happened to him at that moment, we talked about it. I told him that when I leave I want him to take it.”

Suarez has been helping Nunez since long previously as well

It is not a surprise that Suarez has been guiding Nunez during his Liverpool days. Infact, Suarez has previously shown himself to be talking with Darwin. The two have been together even before Darwin’s move to Merseyside. Moreover, the history Suarez has with Liverpool would have given them even a better connection. Neverthelss, the Reds asking their former icon for help is quite interesting.

Darwin Nunez has came a long way from his previous season. He is still not at his best but is getting there. He showed it this weekend by providing Salah a beautiful assist for the opener. His two superb finishes were ruled offside. Moreover, his relations with players like Alexis Mac Allister and Luis Diaz are also helping him a lot. The striker has been a different one since the arrival of Argentinian midfielder. Despite this, the role of Suarez must have helped him a lot in understanding what it takes to be a Liverpool man. 10 years ago, Suarez was also tearing the league with his sensational flair and charisma. Who could be better than him to guide the young striker who has a bright future ahead.

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