Man City confirms their best signing of the January window with Joao Cancelo’s long-term deal.

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Man City will be very happy about their new signing of Julian Alvarez from River Plate. However, they will be even happier as they penned down a two-year contract extension with Joao Cancelo meaning he will be at the club till 2027. The Portuguese is having one of his best seasons at the club and does not look like stopping. He has turned into one of the very important players at the club and continues to improve every day.

No matter how much a club researches about a player and his ability and strengths and weaknesses, there is always uncertainty when he joins a new club. That’s why clubs are the happiest when announcing new contract renewals and extensions. City knows how Cancelo has fared in his time at Manchester and they also know that he is guaranteed talent because of his previous performances.

Moreover, he will also continue to produce for City without any distractions and attractions from other clubs. He is a 27-year-old at the peak of his age and can perform at his best for five more years. Manchester City is leading on the Premier League table with the help of Joao Cancelo.

Manchester City does not have to worry about the fullback department due to this contract. They won’t have to research players who suit Guardiola’s style. Pep has praised the Portuguese before but he always says there’s some room for improvement in Cancelo. The 27-year-old has a similar mentality to that of Pep Guardiola as he always sees room for improvement and is hard on himself.

Why Cancelo contract extension is like a new signing for Man City?

Manchester City announced the contract extension of Cancelo because they know what kind of player he is. They are aware of what he is capable of and has shown his best of qualities on the pitch. He has helped City win a lot of matches and it makes perfect sense to offer him a contract extension. Cancelo is visibly enjoying his career at City which is why he agreed to sign an extension.

Pep Guardiola and Joao Cancelo make a perfect combination as Cancelo has the qualities that Pep needs in a player. Cancelo also complements Pep with a similar way of the mentality of always improving. Cancelo has solved the question of left-back for five more years at Manchester City. He is not the conventional left-back but he does provide a lot more with his abilities.

Kyle Walker cemented his place as the right-back at City. He faced competition from Danilo but Walker was very strong in his own game. The same goes for Cancelo when he competed against Walker. However, both Danilo and Cancelo tried their shot at being a left-back. Although Cancelo did not start well in that position he has now marked his place in the first team.

Man City won’t be worried about signing a new left-back until Cancelo is there at the club and has the backing of Aleksander Zinchenko. Cancelo has also built chemistry with his teammates at City. It is difficult for a player to build that chemistry quickly and adapt to the surroundings around. However, Cancelo already looks settled and hungry for more titles and trophies.

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