Man City fans might put Jeremy Doku through the Ruben Dias experience

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Manchester City recently announced Jeremy Doku as their latest signing. However the fans are somewhat doubtful of the player’s capabilities, which while understandable, shows significant doubt of the club expertise. Thus it is wise to note a similar case of one of the greatest Man city defenders, Ruben Dias.

Dias has proven his worth to the team time and time again, becoming one of the crowd’s favourites. The defender was, and still is, one of main reasons behind Man City’s remarkable team balance. He is also, without a doubt, one of Man city’s greatest investments to this very moment.

Still, it is important to mention that Dias’s did not receive such treatment in his earliest days, or rather the days beforehand.

The club signed the now 26 year old in a very sensitive time frame. The club made the addition in 2020 in order to take the place of former central back Vincent Kompany. A transaction that cost Man City £65 million, Which lead many to doubt if the player was worth such a price.

Yet the most common notion among the fans was whether the Portugal international can fill the void left by the Belgian wall. A very reasonable doubt at the time considering he was not City’s first option.

Despite this, Dias has proven to be a far more important asset that any could have anticipated. The player’s signature aggression when defending filled all the needs the team had and surpassed all expectations.

What Man city fans should learn from Dias

Doku was not the club’s first choice either, but most sources, including past teammates such as Mbappe, describe him as raw untapped potential. And the club has more than enough experience to harness the young man’s talent to its fullest.

In brief, While doubt is a natural response, the club has given us no reason to distrust its judgement. As Dias was only one the many right decisions Man City made, with Doku hopefully being another.

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