Man Utd and Their Kit of 2022/23

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With just 2 games in hand, while writing this article, the season for Man Utd is almost over. 

The club needs to start fresh and the appointment of Erik Ten Hag has been the first step toward it. 

A fresh start also means a new kit, which for this season was bad along with the team’s performance. 

Pictures of the new home kit has now been leaked and is quite striking design. 

The home kit with a touch of good old days but is yet to be confirmed by Adidas. 

Leaked by Jersey Review on Instagram, the home kit comes with a lot of new changes.  

The season has gone wrong and in the search of form they’ve turned in for the 90s feel for inspiration. Nothing has been more contrasting than the iconic collar, which reminds me of Eric Cantona. Cantona famously went ‘collar up’ and had that flair to his rebellious presence. 

Inspiration and Man Utd

Adidas has placed three black stripes on the sleeves. They produced kits for United between 1989 and 1992 which had three white stripes, so this one is a little different. 

The return of black stripes is a contrasting feature and was last seen in 2018/19 season. The combination of black stripes with a white-collar has given the jersey a retro yet modern look. 

The badge has no changes but a upside down pentagon clearing its perimeter. Since the last decade, no design houses are releasing kits with outlines surrounding the club’s crest. 

A five-sided Outline around the crest was witnessed in the kit designed by Umbro in 1998/99, commemorative crest has also been seen over the years and most recently in the season of 2019/20. 

A very controversial perspective of the kit is the new sleeve sponsor replacing Kohler. DXC Technology is the new sleeve sponsor with a visually obtrusive design and way larger than the current one feels very odd in its mere presence. In the span of two seasons DXC Technology are the third new sponsor of Man Utd.

Since the kit of 2019/20, all-new kits had divided opinion in the beginning but due to the inactivity of the board, everyone is used to no actions and eventually get used to it.  

The home kit of the 2021/22 season which received hatred from around the globe was eventually accepted by fans. Gary Neville in a sky sports interview claimed the kit to house the poorest design of all times. 

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