Manchester City could face the same fate as Juventus

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Manchester City will face a brutal end to their Premier League if they are penalized the same as Juventus. Manchester City fans would be devastated if the club have to dock out 15 points this season. Juventus had 15 points taken off them after the breach in financial fair play was revealed. Furthermore City will have to face a huge fight to get into the Champions League if they lose those points. Premier League have accused the club of breaching the FFP regulations. Moreover, they have been accused of breaching the rules between the 2009-10 season and the 2017-18 season. Manchester City could face expulsion from the league altogether. However, it is more likely that they will face a points deduction. They will face a points deduction if the charges against them are proven to be valid.

Manchester City could face a points deduction if charges against them are proven right

Juventus had their 15 points taken off in Serie A after they were found guilty of their financial misdeeds. Therefore if Manchester City receives the same penalty, it would have some serious effect on the League table. They are currently second in the League table just five points off Arsenal. Therefore a 15-point drop will take their points to 30. It would put them in 9th position, just ahead of Chelsea. This would be a huge moral blow to the team. Furthermore, they will be scrambling for a spot in the Champions League. A fifteen points deduction will also benefit their rivals Manchester United. As they would move up to take up the second position. The Premier League released a statement, accusing Manchester City of breaching the Premier League rules.

Manchester City are required to provide“accurate financial information that gives a true and fair view of the club’s financial position”. This would include the club’s revenue, sponsorship revenue, and all operating costs. Furthermore, they have been accused of breaches relating to “manager remuneration”. City will have to prove their innocence to avoid the points deduction as it would be a brutal end to their successful season so far.

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