Manchester City could ruin their relationship with Premier League

David Silva

Manchester City have been accused by the Premier League of breaches in Fair Play Regulation. They both have used each other over the past years to fulfill their ambitions. Therefore Manchester City going on a war with UEFA doesn’t seem that surprising. UEFA’s decision to try and expel City came after years of disagreement between them. Furthermore, they have been booed by the fans for years before serious charges were leveled at the club. The bad blood between them worsened over the years. Both the giants have not found a sound same footing since then. Now City are facing similar charges from the Premier League. But this relationship between them have been very different than the UEFA. Manchester City have won six Premier League titles. This has boosted both the club and the league’s reputation. Premier League have now accrued more financial power than any other league in Europe.

Manchester City have been accused by Premier League

City and Premier League have used each other to benefit themselves. However, the League was left fuming when Manchester City joined the Super League. The Supper League would have ripped the heart out of Premier League. But with some apologies from the club they mended their relationship. Pep Guardiola was one of the first high-profile managers to speak on the matter. Therefore this has been mutually beneficial for both of them. City have now been accused by the Premier League. This happened in the year 2019 as well. Where the club was cooperative with the League and allowed them access to their financials. This accusation have stung Manchester City. A tactic that did not take into account the good relations between them. The accusations are bound to tear one of them apart.

It would be interesting to see what happens next. The question is whether or not Manchester City and Premier League work in harmony with everything going on in the background. This is not expected to pass by like Supper League or the UEFA’s accusations. Therefore Premier League raging a war on City is expected to go on much longer.

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