Manchester City declares war against Premier League

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Manchester City are ready for ‘mayhem’ after a strong allegation made by Premier League.

Termed as “Biggest Scandal in Premier League history”, Man City have been convicted of failing to provide accurate financial information about the club’s financial position.

But now as it seems, City would engage in a war with Premier League as they want to stop these allegations for “once and for all”.

City were failed to provide full details of Roberto Mancini’s salary when he was in charge from 2009 to 2013 and some players wages from 2010 to 2016.

According to the MailOnline, City were quick to react, holding an urgent staff meeting at Etihad on Monday. The Citizens will do whatever it takes to save their dignity.

Man City has now claimed that they have “enough evidence ” and surely clear their name out of every allegation, privately communicated to every staff member in Etihad.

The Premier League judicial committee will now appoint a three-man independent commission. It will consist of retired judges, barristers, and football administrators to investigate City’s accused breaches.

Headed by Murrey Rosen QC, they will give regulate charges in a private hearing. Despite clubs insisting to reach a verdict before the end of the season, but it might take more time.


If City are establish guilty, possible punishments can be:-

  • expulsion from top flight
  • deduction in points
  • Stripped of previous titles

if Citizens are stripped of their Six Premier League titles then they will be awarded to runners-up of the respective season.

Further claims suggested City have refused to cooperate with the investigation from 2018 to 2022.

But this time, they won’t be able to appeal against any verdict taken by the Court of Arbitration of Sport, who reversed the club’s two-year Champions League ban in 2020.

Citizens will be in huge trouble if this these charges are true.

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