Manchester City face setback as Key Player Set for Surgery

Pep Guardiola

When Kevin De Bruyne was substituted during the Burnley match, it sparked significant concern within the Manchester City fan community, reminiscent of a previous departure against Inter Milan.

Initially, there were reports that indicated he would be absent for the Sevilla game. A situation that might not have been overly alarming. However, La Derniere Heure, a Belgian source, has shared discouraging information that could bring unfortunate news for Manchester City supporters.

This stems from reports by La Derniere Heure suggesting that Kevin De Bruyne, the Manchester City midfielder, is very likely to undergo surgery and will be sidelined for a substantial period, possibly spanning several months. According to DH, the club’s physiotherapists have determined that surgical intervention is imperative. Although the club hasn’t officially confirmed this yet. The likelihood of him undergoing surgery is notably high.

The expectation is that Manager Pep Guardiola will address this matter in his upcoming press conference on Tuesday. The decision to pursue such a drastic measure is rooted in preventing any potential recurrence of injury, having experienced two incidents already.

Manchester City and their other options

DH elaborates that discussions about surgery had been in motion after the setback against Inter Milan, though it didn’t materialize at that time.

Following in the footsteps of Thibaut Courtois, De Bruyne now faces the prospect of not participating further in 2023. Manchester City’s aspiration is for him to make a full recovery and return to peak performance for the latter part of the campaign.

“I recently saw him, and he was in good spirits. He’s eager to make a comeback, and being an experienced player. He understands that his return doesn’t require immediate speed, but a proper recovery process. While his absence will be there, it’s worth noting that we have a deep squad at our disposal.”

Manchester City has shown interest in West Ham’s Lucas Paquetà. When questioned about the potential impact of De Bruyne’s injury on the club’s transfer decisions, Guardiola replied, “We will assess the situation.”

In another development, the 18-year-old defensive midfielder, Rico Lewis, has committed to a new five-year contract. Guardiola expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This is a fantastic achievement for the club. Having a player from our academy who is in dedication to our long-term vision is remarkable. He possesses tremendous potential.”

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