Financial situation in Manchester City as new rule to be emerged

Manchester City

Manchester City ended the last season by breaking the Premier League revenue record in 2022-23 with a turnover of £713million. Their overall expenses last season soared to £754 million. However a new rule may affect their Financial situation.

It is clear that rest of the league cannot compete with City in the financial game before the actual game on the field. However there can be introduction of a new rule that can change this whole scenario. Top- clubs are set to meet on Monday (29 April) to discuss a proposal for a new spending cap. It will be based on the lowest revenue in the league.

How the new rule will affect Manchester City’s Financial situation?

The new rules put forward would cap all spending to a multiple of the lowest earnings from commercial and broadcast payments. This can make sure City will not be allowed to spend more than £200million. This rule ensures that the gap between big and small teams is not too big and there can be healthy competition.

Manchester City who already boast of a squad valued at £1.1bn cannot get anymore edge through big spendings. After all to support this statement last season, the lowest earnings went to Southampton. They pocketed £104million from broadcast and commercial payments from the Premier League.

Premier League clubs ranked by weekly wage bill (data provided by Capology)

1. Man Utd – £3,821,000 per week

2. Man City – £3,705,000 per week

3. Arsenal – £3,298,000 per week

4. Chelsea – £2,978,000 per week

5. Liverpool – £2,670,000 per week

6. Aston Villa – £2,135,000 per week

7. Tottenham – £2,130,000 per week

8. West Ham – £1,833,000 per week

9. Newcastle United – £1,638,000 per week

10. Everton – £1,524,000 per week

11. Crystal Palace – £1,408,000 per week

12. Fulham – £1,288,000 per week

13. Nottingham Forest – £1,283,000 per week

14. Brighton – £1,165,000 per week

15. Bournemouth – 973,000 per week

16. Brentford – £836,000 per week

17. Wolverhampton Wanderers – £830,000 per week

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