Manchester City Pursue ‘Outstanding’ Player Hailed by Hansi Flick

Manchester City

As speculation continues to swirl around a potential transfer of Bayer Leverkusen wonderkid Florian Wirtz to Manchester City, it’s worth revisiting the high praise bestowed upon him by Hansi Flick, the German football manager.

Flick’s admiration for the young midfielder has been evident for some time, and his words of praise, as quoted by Bundesliga’s official website. Shed light on why Manchester City is keen on securing Wirtz’s services.

Moreover, reports have suggested that it would require a substantial offer from Manchester City, described as a ‘crazy bid’ by journalist Fabrizio Romano, to persuade Bayer Leverkusen to part with their prized asset. While the move is deemed somewhat unlikely, there remains a possibility of a significant transfer in the summer. Especially given the comparisons of Wirtz to Lionel Messi by football figures such as Xabi Alonso.

Manchester City and their tactics

However, in 2021, Hansi Flick did not hold back in extolling Florian Wirtz’s qualities. He described Wirtz as “a huge asset for this team through his carefreeness.” Flick went on to commend the young talent’s technical prowess, creativity, shooting ability, work rate, and speed. He lauded Wirtz’s all-around capabilities, labeling him as “simply an outstanding technician” with a “good total package.”

Moreover, for Manchester City, securing Florian Wirtz’s signature would be a remarkable acquisition. Much like Hansi Flick, there is a consensus that Wirtz possesses immense potential. At a club like Manchester City. His technical prowess and style of play would likely seamlessly integrate into the squad.

Moreover, with Kevin De Bruyne facing a prolonged absence due to injury. The creative onus within the team currently falls largely on the shoulders of Phil Foden. The addition of Florian Wirtz to the squad would alleviate this burden. Offering additional creativity and dynamism in midfield.

However, at just 20 years old, Wirtz is already considered a highly promising talent. Under the guidance of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. He could potentially develop into a footballing superstar, adding a new dimension to the team’s already formidable attacking options.

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