Manchester city style of play under criticism

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In Manchester city‘s latest fixture against Brighton where they got all the three points thanks to the strikes of Mahrez, Silva, and Foden City bags all the 3 points and reclaims their place on the top of the table.

But unlike the second half of the game first half seems to be lacking the urgency by the city players as two big chances got away from them one by Mahrez and second by Bernardo Silva. Sure some of the city fans would be happy to win this game but some fans still did not like their style of play.

Some of the critics also said that their style of play was “boring and soulless”

Suggestion by Manchester City’s defender

Manchester City centre-half Aymeric Laporte has claimed that their style of play is unmatched by any other club but when it comes to improvements in their game they should take some notes from Liverpool’s play

Laporte was asked if his side could still take some inspiration from Liverpool’s fast-paced, pressing and counter-attacking game ahead of their title run-in.

But as we all know Pep Guardiola is a mastermind and his style of play has proven to be one of the best in recent times. Looking back at his career he seems to know what kind of tactics to use in games and how to win them as he has done with Barcelona, Bayern Munich and currently doing it with City

But he has yet to win his first UCL title with City as he has managed to do this only with Barcelona, Manchester City still are one of the favourite to win the UCL title and their 5th Premier League title. We’ll have to wait and see if this style of play wins or cost them their titles.

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