Manchester City youngster Jack Wint says the player is phenomenal to watch

Manchester City

Manchester City youngster Jack Wint says that it is amazing to watch the player play. Jack was praising City goalkeeper Ederson Moreas. The club has published it in their official digital magazine. Wint is currently playing for the U18s at Etihad Stadium. Moreover, he is with the club since the age of 9. The youngster also wants to be a part of first team for the Sky Blues in near future. Noticeably, Wint started his career as a striker for school but eventually converted into a goalkeeper at the age of 7.

The youngster is a huge admirer of the 31 number jersey man. Even Ederson started his career as a left back before becoming a goalkeeper. Jack is also looking on the same path of becoming like his idol. He said,

“I used to ballboy a lot and I used to watch Ederson all the time because I was positioned behind the goal so I got a really good view of what he was doing,” said the 17-year-old.

I’ve obviously tried to implement as much of his game as I could into mine, but I also want to make sure I’m my own keeper. He’s a phenomenal keeper and I want to be doing what he’s doing – playing at the highest level – and he’s got great attributes. I wish I could kick it as far as him! I’ve always looked up to him and he’s been a great role model for me.”

Jack can be the next prodigy playing in the first time like Foden and Hamilton recently. Moreover, he is looking set to be on the way of becoming one. It is definitely a great experience for the youngster to watch the Brazilian playing. Ederson is definitely one of the best ball playing goalkeepers in the world. With evolving nature of football it is necessary for the keepers to be good at their feet as well. Wint will surely learn a lot from his idol.

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