Manchester United issued new covid guidelines for fans

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Manchester United have officially informed that the persons who will attend the matches will have to go through Covid-19 checks. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has taken the lives of many people and the United Kingdom was one of the worst-hit countries. As a result, all the matches of the 2020-21 seasons were played behind closed doors without the fans.

But closed-door matches cannot be continued, as ticket sales are one of the main incomes of the clubs. Following this, 50 to 60 percent of audiences are now allowed in the stadium to watch and cheer their team.

However, there is no covid check for the audiences before entering the stadium, until now. The UK government has issued a guideline saying every person should be fully vaccinated or should have negative covid results before attending large events. And talking of large events football matches are also included in it.

Following this guideline, Manchester United will be having a covid certification test before they allow any fans in Old Trafford. Reading the statement by United, a person from the age of 18 should have a fully vaccinated certificate with him. If a person is not fully vaccinated then they should have a covid test two days prior to the match. If their results come out negative then they will be allowed in the stadium. While person below 18 should also have negative test results to enter the stadium.

The guideline is to be followed by everybody, no individual can escape from the rule, strictly said by red devils. And Manchester United will be starting this covid checking process from 11th September. As United are playing at home against Newcastle United, with Cristiano Ronaldo probably making his second debut.

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