Mateo Kovacic is the silent assassin for Manchester City

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Mateo Kovacic has emerged as a silent force within the ranks of Manchester City. By contributing significantly to the team’s performance despite not featuring prominently in the goals or assists columns. His true value lies in his capacity to deliver the pivotal “pre-assist” passes. It is a crucial element in Pep Guardiola’s intricate system of play.

Guardiola’s brand of football transcends the conventional metrics of goals and assists. It revolves around the pass that lays the groundwork for these decisive actions. The “pre-assist” pass entails a player delivering a forward pass that effectively bypasses multiple defenders. Thus thereby creating space and opportunities for the attacking unit.

City have become synonymous with this style under Guardiola. It is an approach characterized by patient ball circulation until the perfect moment arises. It’s at this juncture that a midfielder,often Mateo Kovacic, assumes the responsibility of executing a critical pass. It is usually directed towards a winger or full-back, who subsequently sets up a teammate for a goal-scoring opportunity.

Kovaci has taken up Gundogan’s role

Ilkay Gundogan had previously been the maestro of this role. But with his departure, Mateo Kovacic has seamlessly taken up the mantle, particularly in the absence of the influential Kevin De Bruyne. Kovacic’s knack for executing these pivotal passes has been instrumental in kickstarting City’s attacking moves.

While Kovacic’s individual statistics might not command immediate attention, his role as a creative linchpin in midfield is nothing short of indispensable. He provides both experience and stability to the team, qualities that are particularly valuable amid the turbulence of a transfer window.

Mateo Kovacic’s adeptness at delivering the all-important “pre-assist” pass serves as the catalyst for initiating attacking maneuvers. He is proving to be an invaluable asset for Manchester City. His quiet but impactful contributions are a testament to the intricacies of Guardiola’s football philosophy, demonstrating that success on the pitch extends beyond the conventional measures of goals and assists. Kovacic’s role exemplifies the idea of the game that makes all the difference in a team’s overall performance.

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