Micah Richards said ‘It was weird at Anfield’

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In a clash between Manchester City and Liverpool on Sunday Michael Richards noticed something odd in Anfield’s atmosphere.

Manchester City vs Liverpool is always a treat to watch, that too at Anfield the atmosphere feels different. But Michael Richards said that atmosphere around Anfield was nervous.

Liverpool had a stuttering start to the premier league meanwhile Man city is on 2nd spot behind Arsenal. Richards was covering the game for Sky Sports and noticed something weird in Anfield’s atmosphere during opening minutes.

What did Richards say about Anfield’s atmosphere?

Speaking on the Monday Night Club, Richards said:

“It was weird being at the game.

“Normally Anfield straight from the off you can feel it. But there was more like a nervous energy, it was like they didn’t know what Liverpool side was going to turn up.

“After five or six minutes, Joe Gomez kicked the ball out of play and the Liverpool fans were cheering.

“Then after that the whole of Anfield was like a lion’s den, you could feel the energy in the stadium.”

After a stuttering start to the season, Liverpool seems to be recovering. They now have two good wins one of them was against Man city who seemed to be informed before arriving at Anfield. Thanks to Mohammad Salah’s goal, Liverpool managed to win three crucial points which would boost their morale.

Liverpool next plays against West Ham at Anfield, they will be looking to keep the good form before going into the FIFA world cup.

Liverpool’s goal should be to get a place in the Champions League spot.

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