Mikel Arteta had all praises for Arsenal forward Aubameyang

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Arsenal boss, Mikel Arteta had all praises for his 32-year-old striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after his consecutive good performance. The Gabon star who was the to-go person for the Gunners fans has been hailed this season for his great scoring form.

Last season, Aubameyang lost his tracks last season as the forward only managed to score 15 goals in 39 appearances. Following Arsenal was seeing a low-scoring form as they missed their star striker upfront. While after the season ended with Arsenal finishing 8th last season all Arsenal fans targeted Aubameyang.

However, this season despite Arsenal having a bad start, Aubameyang can be seen returning to his old scoring form. The forward has already scored 7 goals this season with 9 starts to his name. While in those 7 goals, 4 are counted in Premier League, and 3 are counted in EFL, which is a hattrick.

Following this Aubameyang has caught the eyes of many, mainly his boss who talked about all praises in his last interview. Arteta speaking about Aubameyang’s positive change this season said, “I wouldn’t go to the goals, again it is what Aubameyang is transmitting on the pitch. I have never seen Aubameyang transmit what he is doing now.

“Apart from the goals, the celebration when they put the ball in the net; do you see the way he runs; the purpose he has to press the ball, and when he takes it his movement; his link, how he is leading the game, not when he is static, and then he puts the ball in the net? I prefer this Aubameyang.”

If the Gabon international could continue his goal-scoring form then Arsenal could definitely see a high finish in the league table.

Arsenal and Aubameyang both return to positive ways

Both Arsenal and Aubameyang have been struggling last season and the start of the current season, but things seem to change. The Gunners who saw consecutive defeats at the start of this season have found their winning road. Arsenal suffered their last defeat in August against Manchester City and since then they are undefeated in Premier League. While the Gunners have progressed into quarter-finals in the EFL Cup after beating Leeds United in round-of-16.

The same positive form goes for Aubameyang who has been helping Arsenal in the upfront by scoring goals day in and out. After a dark past last season, the Gabon star sees an opportunity to gain back the fan’s trust this season. While Aubameyang will also hope to emerge as a true leader for Arsenal this season when the club needs him the most.  

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