Mohammed Shami tries saving the fan breaching the security


A die-hard Indian cricket fan invaded the field during the second test match. This happened in the match between India and Australia in Delhi. Mohammed Shami asked the security to be calm while they were clearing the fan from the field.

The fan, who breached the security to meet the players were caught in the middle of the ground. Unfortunately, he could meet any cricketers. But Shami came in to help him while the guards were being rude to him.

Shami was about to quit cricket: Bharat Arun

“Just before the 2018 tour of England, we had a fitness test and Shami had failed it. He lost his place in the Indian team. He called me and said he wanted to have a word with me. So I invited him to my room; he was going through personal turmoil. His fitness was affected, mentally he was gone. He came to me and said ‘I am very angry and I want to quit cricket’.”

Bharat Arun further added that

” I immediately took Shami to meet Ravi Shastri. Ravi asked what it was and he told him the same thing that ‘I don’t want to play cricket’. Both of us asked ‘What will you do if not play cricket?’ What else do you know? You know how to bowl when given the ball.”

The Advice of Ravi Shastri

“So Ravi said ‘It’s good that you’re angry. This is the best thing that has happened to you because you have a ball in hand. Your fitness is poor. Whatever anger it is that you have, take it out on your body. We are going to send you to National Cricket Academy and want you to go there for 4 weeks and stay there. You will not go home, and only head to NCA.

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