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It should be safe to say that Wolverhampton Wanderers winger Francisco Trincao has failed to deliver for the Premier League club. His loan move from Barcelona hasn’t worked well, despite Bruno Lage handing him enough opportunities. Francisco Trincao has so far made 22 appearances for Wolves, out of which 20 have come in the Premier League. However, Trincao has not proven to be as productive as he should have been in those 22 games. The winger has only a goal and zero assists to show for 22 games played.

However, Trincao has somewhat excelled in other individual statistics. The 22-year-old has managed 1.6 successful dribbles per game, and an impressive pass completion rate of 82.1%. But his end product is hugely disappointing with just a goal for an xG (expected goals) of 3.5 and no assists in 22 games. Wolves reporter Nathan Judah has slammed Francisco Trincao in the latest edition of the E&S Wolves podcast. The reporter expressed both his disappointment and frustration over Trincao’s spell at Wolves.

Judah suggests Francisco Trincao not a player for Wolves

Nathan Judah came down heavily on Trincao, accusing him of not utilizing the opportunities given to him. Moreover, Judah questioned Trincao’s “attitude” while playing for the Premier League club.

“..I’ve kind of had enough with this guy, he’s had too many chances now,” said Judah over Trincao. “I don’t think his heart’s in it. I think that you can still do the basics and look energetic and look like you want to be there, and to me he doesn’t look like he wants to be there. He doesn’t look like he wants to be on that pitch. And I think a lot of people have maybe made a call on him now,” continued the reporter.

Judah further added,

“And I’m not sure how much we’ll see of Trincao, there’s no way I mean, look, speaking to a lot of my fellow journalists and some of the people at the club it, I’ll be stunned if he’s at the club, going into next season, regardless of whether they can work a deal out with Barcelona.”

Judah may have a point here

While the reporter has absolutely lambasted Trincao, his comments could be justified by the winger’s displays. Given Judah’s assessment, Wolves could also be on the same wavelength with the reporter. The club cannot be happy over the winger’s output despite playing a decent number of games.

Moreover, Judah has pointed out Trincao’s attitude as well, which could be another disappointing aspect for Wolves. Wolves should be content with their efforts as they placed full faith in Francisco Trincao. In a time when many of the premier league players are yearning to play as many games as possible, Trincao was handed 14 starts in the league.

Wolves can however cut their losses on Trincao by sending him back to Barcelona after his loan spell expires. The club has an option of making Trincao’s move permanent for £25 million in the summer. But given the situation, Francisco Trincao is unlikely to perform a miracle in the remainder of the season which could prompt Wolves to execute the option. Wolves should take a lesson from Francisco Trincao as not every Portuguese player can work wonders with them.

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