Neville claims Premier League are being scared of Manchester City

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Pundit Gary Neville claims Premier League are being afraid of Manchester City despite the club facing 115 breaches against them.

Neville calls out Premier League and terms them as “lawless” and “defunct organisation”. The former United man lashes out on his rival club in a new rant.

Speaking on Stick to Football, Neville spoke about the situation following Everton’s 10 points deduction for breaking profit and sustainability rule. The Toffees are sitting in relegation-zone with just 4 points in there hand currently.

In club’s official statemen, Everton called out the verdict and branded the punishment as “a wholly disproportionate and unjust sporting sanctions”. The fans are also unhappy with the verdict and as a result, they’ve started protesting.

Neville discussed the matter alongside Jamie Carragher and Ian Wright. He didn’t shy form giving his opinion and claims that Premier League are scared of Manchester City currently.

Neville described the top teams of Premier League as “bullies”

During the discussion, Gary Neville became furious and described the top teams of Premier League as “bullies”. He said :-

“The trust and faith has gone completely. The greed and selfishness is out of control. It’s Lawless. The Premier League is a defunct organisation. They’ve basically got 20 clubs voting with self-interest and with not the greater game at heart.

“The Super League clubs tried in essence to destroy the whole of European football. They were fined £22 million – £3.5 million each – which is an absolute disgrace and a scandal for what they attempted to do.

“What we’re talking about here is not football anymore. I love football but it’s starting to eat itself from the inside out.”

“The reason I’ve been calling for an independent regulator for years and getting on my bandwagon is because I think it’s the only chance we’ve got.”But we need independence, transparency, real time financial monitoring, proper rules on owners, proper sustainability rules that are actually equalised across the game.”

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