Oscar Bobb-Manchester City’s next big thing according to Barry Murphy

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Manchester City is currently giving careful consideration to the future of Oscar Bobb amid ongoing transfer rumors. Recently, Manchester City promoted this young talent, who has had two successful years in the academy, to their first team.

Despite speculation about a potential transfer, Bobb’s agent, Steven Howson, has confirmed that he will remain with the club until the transfer deadline. Manchester City has put in place a well-defined plan for Bobb’s development. They are resolute in their commitment to nurturing his talent within the first team this season.

Oscar Bobb, a two-time recipient of the academy’s Player of the Year award. He has yet to make competitive appearances for the senior team. There have been suggestions that he might seek regular playing time through a loan move. But Howson has emphasized Manchester City’s commitment to Bobb’s growth. He highlighted their desire for him to develop within the first-team setup.

Barry-Murphy on Oscar Bobb

Brian Barry-Murphy, Oscar Bobb’s coach with the Under-21 team, has acknowledged Bobb’s exceptional talent and expressed enthusiasm about his progress within the first team. He mentioned that the club does not anticipate Bobb being available for the Elite Development Squad this season. It may not be the most advantageous path for his development. Furthermore, the primary focus is on providing support for Bobb’s growth as a first-team player.

Barry-Murphy also noted that, unlike previous seasons where some players were available for both the Elite Development Squad and the first team, the previous season did not see such instances. Moreover, The club is fully dedicated to facilitating Bobb’s development and hopes that he thrives in the first-team environment.

Manchester City has a clearly defined plan to nurture the talent of Oscar Bobb. Within the first team, they have no intentions of parting with him before the transfer deadline. Furthermore, the club regards him as a valuable asset, and they are steadfast in their commitment to fostering his growth within the organization.

However, no substantial offers have materialized. Leading to a loan deal with Real Sociedad to provide Tierney with the desired regular playing time.

Arsenal’s prospect for Tierney

Despite Arsenal’s challenge in finding a buyer for Tierney this transfer window, there’s optimism that a potential sale could occur in the next window. Former Arsenal and Chelsea star Ashley Cole praised Tierney’s defensive skills, describing him as a “warrior”.

If Tierney’s loan stint with Real Sociedad proves successful, Premier League clubs might express interest in acquiring him next year. With his experience in the league and being just 26 years old, Arsenal could potentially recover a substantial portion of the £25 million they paid for him.

In March 2022, Tierney’s Arsenal career reached its peak when he captained the side, a testament to his leadership qualities. However, a debilitating knee injury forced him to the sidelines. Furthermore, upon his return, a change in tactics had already begun to diminish his role.

Despite his admirable attitude and dedication, Tierney’s departure was a result of tactical adjustments rather than any shortcomings on his part.

Struggle to generate funds

Tierney’s departure raises questions about Arsenal’s ability to generate funds from player sales. The club’s admirable proactive approach to fine-tuning its squad has been marred by its inability to secure substantial funds for surplus players. Since 2019, Arsenal’s £122.5 million in player sales is the lowest among the Premier League’s top six clubs.

Tierney’s pass completion rate and rigid movement no longer suited the evolving Arsenal setup. Despite his unwavering attitude and dedication, he became the collateral damage of the club’s tactical transition.

Scotland manager Steve Clarke also praised the move, calling it a “great move” that will benefit Tierney as a player. This loan presents him with a chance to gain valuable experience in La Liga and continue his development.

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