“People who know Kevin a bit will have already seen it” …A journalist gives Man City fans an update on De Bruyne

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A status update on Kevin De Bruyne, who is 32 years old and getting closer to playing again, has been sent to Manchester City supporters.

The remarks were made by Belgian journalist Kristof Terreur during an interview for the BBC’s Euro Leagues podcast.

Kevin De Bruyne update

When the Belgium international makes a comeback to the starting lineup. Manchester City supporters may be treated to a whole new side of him.

Terreur says Kevin, who’s drawing attention from Saudi Arabia, has worked “a lot” on his upper body in an effort to get stronger.

he said, “He’s lost some weight. People who know Kevin a bit will have already seen it. He’s done lots of work on his upper body. Before, everything was purely talent, he didn’t have to work body-wise“.

Now with that hamstring injury, Kevin said himself in an interview that he’s looking after his food again, looking after his body and doing lots of strength exercises – more than he ever did.

That injury has been, for him, like a warning sign. You’re turning 33 years old, you still want to play for two or three more years. You need to do something extra about your body.”

Now, that is very interesting news.

It looks like a treat is in store for Manchester City fans

In any case, Kevin has never exactly been a lightweight; to get fans out of their seats, he combines his impressive physical strength with otherworldly technical abilities.

However, Manchester City supporters may be in for a treat in the second half of the 2023–24 season. If the Belgian now returns to the field even stronger than he was before—while also retaining that technical ability.

With any luck, Kevin s efforts will pay off and he won’t suffer any more setbacks at Etihad Stadium.

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