Pep Guardiola casts doubts on the future of midfielder Kalvin Phillips

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has recently thrown Kalvin Phillips‘ future in doubt. Phillips rejected many opportunities in summer to leave Pep Guardiola’s side. He was inquired by almost 15 clubs to get him signed. Moreover, he has not got much playing minutes since his move from Leeds United. Besides this, he only got to start one game in spite of Rodri’s three-match suspension.

Pep Guardiola has his say about Kalvin Phillips

Speaking ahead of the clash with Brighton this weekend in the Premier League, Pep had his say on Kalvin and his future,

“Yeah, he’s here. Until they’re here, every player will have a role for me.

“One more than the other one. Guys, we’re not stupid. When I see the line-ups in the last months, or years, he knows the players I rely on more than the other ones. But the other ones for me, it’s how we treat them. I treat them the same.

“But there are competitions between them, players who play a good season last season, this season can be dropped, another player comes and can play in his position and playing good.

“Many things. It’s a challenge every day, football, sport, it’s a challenge. The memories we have is amazing, it will remain forever, but when we are here (this is) the challenge it will have to be. Let’s go for it!

“I never change. I said a few months ago, weeks ago in the transfer window, never. But after that, they have to be in agreement with the club.

“My opinion is my opinion but it’s not the opinion of the club. It’s my opinion, but it’s not the opinion of the club. The club is the last word, it belongs to them. And they decide, don’t do it, don’t do it, if the agreement is not done, it’s not done, and we’ll stay.”

When he plays, it’s a benefit for me. Maybe I’m completely wrong, I’m not saying I’m right. But it’s just I want to be honest with my feelings, and of course he’s here, tomorrow will be ready (if) we need him, and keep going.”

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