Pep Guardiola is preparing for a rare Matheus Nunes opportunity at City

Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola will use the international period to continue resting after having back surgery in Barcelona. But he will also closely monitor how his players perform for their respective nations.

Since the Sky Blues have some of the top players in the league, the majority of the team will be away from the Etihad for the following week. Pep Guardiola will have his team leave with a perfect record in the Premier League after defeating Fulham 5-1.

Pep Guardiola might give Matheus Nunes an excellent opportunity

It’s possible that at first Pep Guardiola and replacement Juanma Lillo will concentrate on the players still on the pitch. As a result of Matheus Nunes’ exclusion from the Portugal roster, City will have the exceptional opportunity to assist a new summer signing in settling in more directly on a professional and personal basis.

Given how swiftly Nunes’ transfer happened, the midfielder will have more time to process everything. There will be competition between a number of academy players for the attention of the senior coaching staff. At the same time, they will hope to leave an impression.

Having quality players on the team indicates they will probably play a significant role for their nations. In the final few weeks of the summer, City increased the depth of the team. But Pep Guardiola by no means has an in-depth squad.

With injuries to John Stones, Kevin De Bruyne, and Jack Grealish of varied severity, City is only a few issues away from having their squad stretched. But Man City are capable of enduring that. Nevertheless, the equilibrium is more susceptible to disruption over the summer when there is a noticeable player turnover.

If Pep Guardiola wants his team to come close to replicating its unstoppable success from last season, even City’s backup players must be performing well.

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