Pep Guardiola places his faith in Vincent Kompany

Pep Guardiola

Vincent Kompany is now very close to become the new Bayern Munich manager. The former Manchester City player has already achieved some worth watching result with Burnley last season. Pep Guardiola recently spoke about Kompany giving him credit and also talked about his future.

Machester City recently got crowned as Premier League champions. Pep Guardiola who led City to fourth title in a row talked about Belgian manager who he managed earlier. Guardiola believes in Kompany and has placed his faith in him. According to him, Kompany has a bright future and will definately come back to Premier League to take charge of City in future. Kompany is still 38 years old and already has established himself as quality manager. The statements of Guardiola have a high chance of turning into reality.

Kompany took charge of Burnley before the start of 2022-23 season. Burnley were in championship at that time. Kompany’s arrival made a quick imapact. The Clarets went on to put a series of awesome performances throughout the season. The Belgian manager went on to lead his side to promotion. Burnley secured 101 points and became champions of championship. Kompany in this process won 4 manager of the month awards and eventually went on to claim manager of the season award as well.

Guardiola believes Kompany will become Man City manager

While talking about Kompany, Guardiola said that he has all the qualities to become a great coach. Guardiola also believes firmly that the belgian will become Man City manager one day.

“Vincent Kompany will become a future Manchester City manager, mark my words” – Pep speaking to press before FA Cup final.

Guardiola has provided no shortage of confidence and backed Kompany fully. Everyone know how good Guardiola is as a manager and when he talks about someone in this way, we must admit that the person he is talking about is special.

Kompany set to become new Bayern manager

Despite the huge success in 2022-23 season, Kompany has failed to achieve good results with Burnley. As a result Burnley relegated to Championship once again after one season in premier league. However, Kompany doesn’t seem to be managing Clarets next season. The Belgian has already received a deal from Bayern and is now set to join them.

Bayern have sacked Thomas Tuchel after a very terrific season by their standards. The German giants finished the season without any trophies. Bayern looking for replacement of Tuchel are now reported to be replacing him with Belgian manager. Kompany has been involved in talks with german side and is now very very close to join them.

Kompany will now move from Championship side to one of the greatest clubs in the world. Along with the job the belgian manager will now have immense pressure to fulfill the requirements of Bayern fans. Bayern job will definately provide Kompany with huge experience ans if he succeeds there, Manchester City could ring him up when they need a manager as previously told by Guardiola.

Bayern’s plan for Kompany

Bayern Munich are reported to offer Kompany a three year deal according to Goal. Burnley have demanded £17 million for the Belgian manager. However, Bayern are not willing to pay that high and are trying to negotiate. It is reported that £13 million could be enough for Bayern to get their hands on Kompany.

Former Bayern Manager Julian Nagelsmann also had his say about Kompany. Nagelsmann said that Kompany will definately do good as he had very good managers who trained him as a player. It would be interesting to see whether the young belgian manager is able to bring the glory back to Allianz Arena.

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