Pep Guardiola prefers a small squad despite facing injuries at Man City

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola delivers harsh verdict on the squad. Pep reveals that he prefers a small squad despite City having key players injured. The Spanish manager has been a long-term believer of ‘less means more‘ when it comes to first team squad. The Sky Blues have one of the smallest squad in the Premier League when it comes to squad depth. Though, Kevin De Bruyne’s injury might have made Pep thinking to bolster his options. Speaking in a recent interview, he told to continue to work with a small squad despite an injury-affected season.

“I would like to have an academy that can give you players that you can rely on, that’s why always I have the feeling when you have a small squad.”

“The Academy has to be, not 80 players in the Academy but three, four, five players in each position being a good player.

“But what happens when you don’t have injuries? You have 30 players. How are you going to handle that? Listen, if you tell me at the start of the season you have 10 injuries, like Kevin (De Bruyne), I would say yes, I want 30 players.

But what happens if there are no injuries?! That’s why we have good physios, good doctors, good nutritionists, good everything to try to avoid it as much as possible. It’s impossible, even financially for the club (to have 30 players).

“If it’s the decision you make, it’s fine. I don’t. I live with myself, when myself is going to be fine is when I’m going to work with the players.

“If you don’t have injuries it’s unsustainable from my point of view, financially for the clubs, more salaries, paying a lot, when the players don’t play maybe five, 10 games.”

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