Prevalent Puma premonitions: Pep Guardiola to reproach jersey makers on Man Utd youngsters claim

Pep Guardiola

Ahead of the highly anticipated Manchester derby, Facundo Pellistri and Pep Guardiola engaged in a verbal derby of their own. Thereafter, Pep Guardiola had to call out Puma, City’s jersey manufacturers. All of this stemmed from Pellistri’s comments about Manchester City on an Uruguayan radio prior to the derby.

Puma, Pep, Pellistri and Provocation

Manchester derby is more than a football match, fueled by the passion of fans and perspiration of the players. The heat dispensed by this clash has caught many players and managers alike in its crossfire. In keeping with this tradition of hostility, Facundo Pellistri, the young Manchester united winger fired verbal shots towards the blue side of Manchester. According to Sportbible, the Uruguayan said, “Manchester is all about United. You don’t see City shirts or flags.” Albeit ironical , as Manchester City have been the more successful club in recent times.

However, Pep took the comments in good humour. He remarked that though it was a surprising revelation, he isn’t bothered by the young man’s comments. However, in a funny turn of events Pep mentioned that maybe this scarcity was caused by a slack on the part of their jersey sponsors Puma. Pep goes on to say that he would further discuss this issue with Puma.

In conclusion, Manchester City jerseys are certainly not scarce when supporting their team and that is what matters the most. Their popularity has increased further due to frequent Premier League titles and after finally winning the Champions League. Manchester United on the other hand are going through a grey patch. Thus these comments and frequent cases of more bark than bite can be attributed to their recent misfortunes. Manchester city’s win in the derby clearly gave an example of this. Manchester united faced a crumbling 3-0 defeat in their home, Old Trafford.

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