Pundit lauds Mac Allister for his versatility at Liverpool

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Pundit Alejandro Moreno launds Alexis Mac Allister for his versatility at Liverpool as the Argentine international can play in number of midfield roles.

Speaking on ESPN, Moreno claims Mac Allister have become a important part of Klopp’s side in this campaign. Liverpool have started their season on a bright note.

However, the 24-year-old didn’t have the easiest time since joining the Mersyside club this summer. Liverpool paid fee of £35 million to Brighton & Hove Albion to secure his services.

Mac Allister also haven’t showcases his real form because he often had to play role of a holding midfielder in this campaign. Hence it’s not entirely his fault.

Journalist Sam Tighe claims Alexis Mac Allister should be deployed in number eight position at Liverpool. But Moreno insisted on the fact that the 24-year-old should be playing in much higher position at Mersyside.

Moreno also stated that Mac Allister haven’t been getting his due credit despite a good performance in this campaign. The Pundit said :-

“In my definition of valuable players, it’s a guy that can give me consistent performances. And in the case of Alexis Mac Allister, it’s not only consistent performances, but it’s consistent performances in different positions in the midfield.

“He can play different roles for you, he can take on different personalities for you. He can be a defensive guy, he can be a distributor, he can be a guy who’s 10 yards in front of the defensive line, or he can be 10 yards from the attacking half. It’s a guy who can give you different things. And that by definition makes him very valuable.”

Liverpool fans are aware of Mac Allister’s potentiallity, but they also know the fact that Jurgen Klopp can’t deploy him in his natural position.

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