Richarlison and Vinicius Jr appear to be pulled apart in the Brazil training fight.

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Everton’s star Richarlison and Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr appeared to be pulled apart by their teammates in Brazil training. The fight is not bad as it seems. At the Brazil training session Saturday, photos, and video appeared to show the two players almost hitting each other.

This incident happened just before their side’s friendly with Japan on Monday. Experienced players Dani Alves and Neymar appeared to separate both of them. Neymar was pictured to be dragging Richarlison by the neck as the two kept on fighting and Vinicius Jr had to be separated by Dani Alves.


There is no reason for the fight. the fight was not even happening. Richarlison and Vinicius Jr were simply playing around and joking around. Neymar and Dani Alves were also enjoying separating the two. The rest of the team was also enjoying it as joking around helped lighten the mood.

Richarlison has gained a reputation of being something of a wind-up merchant in recent times. Following their rivals Liverpool’s defeat in the Champions League final in Paris, the Everton player mocked their loss by posting a meme of himself on Twitter. It started when an account called Real Talk Manchester city posted a funny story that eventually turned out to be fake.

They wrote: “So apparently Everton fans set up a fake company called “Coach Innovations Limited” to bring quite a few Liverpool fans to Paris for the Champions League final. The name of the driver was Richard Arlison ( Richarlison).

The post was shared with an edited picture of Richarlison grinning while driving the bus. The post was so funny that it went viral on social media. The striker must have found the image and story funny so he posted it on his own Twitter. To make it funnier, he posted it when Liverpool lost to Real Madrid. Although, the original maker of the post admitted the initial post was a joke. The account confirmed it by saying there was no such fake bus set up by Everton fans. It also confirmed there was no bus driver named Richard Arlison. Although the post was fake, Richarlison shared the post to make Liverpool fans angry more after the defeat is another one of the wind-up merchant things he has done.

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