Rodri recognizes Pep Guardiola for rising his level as a player at City

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Rodri accredits Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola for rising his game to ‘a level he did not know he could reach’. City signed Rodri from Atletico Madrid in 2019. Since then, he is an integral part of the Pep system. His importance for the Sky Blues was displayed just before the international break. Owing to his three game suspension against Nottingham Forest, City lost all the three games in the meantime.

Speaking to the Spanish outlet Cope during the national duty, Rodri said,

“He is the most influential coach of my career. He has elevated me to a level I didn’t know I could reach. When you get used to being with him, I say ‘why don’t they do this’, I see everything much easier.”

“He gives you a toolbox and you have more tools than the rest. I would highlight the ability that he has to instruct his players to make better use of spaces by moving less. There are few players he hasn’t taken to the top.”

The brilliance of Rodri in the middle of the park has drawn his comparisons with legendary Sergio Busquets. The Spaniard had his say on this as,

“I wanted to be better than him, and you’re talking about the best pivot of all time. Everything that comes is going to be good, getting closer already is good.”

Though, Rodri is on the way to be the Premier League all time greats, Busquets trophy cabinet is staggering. It includes three Champions League, World Cup and Euro’s trophy. However, it won’t dull out his ambition of becoming an all-time great for club and country. Manchester City will be back in action against Brighton this weekend in the Premier League with Rodri available to play.

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