Salah could be relieved of penalty duties as Klopp holds talks with him

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Jurgen holds talks with Mohammad Salah about his wheather he’ll remain on penalty duties in future for Liverpool.

The Egyptian missed the spot-kick in Sunday’s 2:2 against Arsenal. This is Salah’s second consecutive penalty miss in Premier League. Arsenal scored two consecutive goals through Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus inside 28 minutes, however Mohamed Salah reduced the deficit in first-half at Anfield. Then at 53rd minutes of the game, Liverpool were awarded a penalty when Diego Jota was brought down by Rob Holding inside the box.

Salah went for precision over power, but he hit the post. Although Roberto Firmino scored a late equaliser at 87th minute. The match ended 2:2 draw at Anfield.

Salah had also sent a penalty wide in a 1:0 loss to Bournemouth last month. Moreover his penalty record looks horrendous in recent times.

Klopp didn’t watch the penalty in real time but he was caught celebrating Salah spot kick before he hit the post. The manager later explained in his press-conference. He said :-

“I only saw the penalty after the game. I thought a few people in the crowd reacted. When you don’t see the penalty, you react on what the people see.

“A few people obviously thought the ball was in but it missed the goal. That’s why I had for a second, the fist [pump] then I realised no-one was really celebrating and the ball was not in.

Klopp admited that he will have a brief discussion with Salah about his future role:-

“That’s something we will talk about (whether Salah will stay on penalties) but not here.”

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