Sean Dyche moans about the controversial decision in Merseyside derby


Sean Dyche claims the refereeing decisions as “bizarre nature of the modern game”. Dyche was furious on Konate not receiving a second follow for his tackle in first half. Liverpool were lucky as Konate was refrained from being sent off. Though, Ashley Young received a second yellow in the first causing Everton down to 10-men. This made Dyche even more frustrated considering the heat of the Merseyside Derby. Everton went on to lose the game 2-0 owing to a brace from Mo Salah in the second half.

Dyche expresses his anger on the referees in the game

Speaking with TNT Sports, Dyche told,

 “How they at 0-0 have 11 on the pitch, I don’t think anyone in the stadium knows. His manager certainly didn’t, because he took him off straight away. He realised, took him off. It changed the game quite obviously, that’s the way it goes.”

On asking about Ashley’s red, Dyche continued,

“The problem is, how do you judge now? Because their player does a ridiculous foul that he should be yellow-carded for. Probably worse than Ashley Young’s in the first – the first one – [although] the second one’s got to be a yellow card.

“But the first one, there’s no point, I’ll get in trouble. I don’t know how I got a yellow card in fact. My staff all got yellow-carded, it’s impossible to all get yellow-carded today with that performance, but we did.”

Dyche also commented on the penalty given on Michael Keane handball saying,

“Everything was going fine. A loose arm, we know what happens now. The rest of the game, it gets away from us. Last-minute goal, we’re chasing the game. But massive decisions form the officials, and it’s a head-scratcher.

“We kept it down to minimal chances of quality and in general. The second-half game plan when you’re down to 10 men, it’s working, the feel of it’s working.

“We’re looking for set-pieces, breakaways, and then that big decision. It changes the feel for them, I would feel amazed if they didn’t think they got away with one, and then they got a penalty and it’s very difficult. Proud of the players’ efforts. We’re still a work in progress.”

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