Sergio Agüero Anfield Affection: A Tale of Football Allegiances


In the upcoming clash between Manchester City and Liverpool, the Etihad Stadium will play host to a fixture laden with title implications and a fascinating twist of fate.

Sergio Agüero, eternally etched in Manchester City’s history for his decisive goal that secured the club’s inaugural Premier League title in 2012, carries a surprising connection to Liverpool, the very team his former club faces this weekend.

Agüero, grew up with an unexpected allegiance to Liverpool, a fact he recently unveiled along with the inspiration behind it.

The Argentinean striker’s admiration for the Anfield club finds its roots in the exploits of another footballing legend—Michael Owen.

The Special bond of Sergio Agüero and Liverpool

In his formative years, Agüero, found inspiration in Owen’s dazzling performances for Liverpool and the English national team.

Owen’s prowess on the pitch was duly recognized when he clinched the Ballon d’Or in 2001, an achievement that solidified his status as one of the premier strikers of his era.

Agüero, enamored like many budding football enthusiasts, admired Owen’s skill, speed, and prolific goal-scoring ability.

“I used to like Liverpool when I was younger because of Owen, who had also started as a teenager. “Even when I was playing on my PlayStation, I tried to play like Owen“. Agüero revealed in a recent interview.

Despite his youthful allegiance to Liverpool, Agüero’s journey led him to Manchester City, where he became a club legend.

Over time, the football powerhouses clashed in memorable battles, especially in recent years, competing head-to-head for Premier League supremacy.

Agüero reflected on the significance of these encounters, stating. “In my 10 years at City, we’ve had amazing games with Liverpool”. Even more so lately, fighting for the Premier League head-to-head. I’ve scored some important goals, but never got to score at Anfield, though.”

Destiny unfolds as Agüero, a City legend, watches his former club face his childhood favorite in a pivotal match.

The fixture not only carries the weight of potential title ramifications but also exemplifies the intricate connections and narratives that make football a sport woven with stories that transcend generations.

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