Sir Alex Ferguson ranks Anfield the stadium with the best atmosphere

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One of the greats of all time the legendary Manager Sir Alex Ferguson recently ranked the Liverpool home turf Anfield among the best in England in terms of the atmosphere.

In a recent interview with Gary Neville, the former Manchester United boss was asked about the best atmosphere he has experienced in his entire managerial career outside Old Trafford. He was supposed to name two of them one within England and the other one from abroad.

The one within England which he picked was Anfield. Sir Alex Ferguson said

“Anfield. Electric. You’ve [Neville] been there, you know what it’s like. You never felt safe there, did you? I mean literally,” added Neville, to which the Scot agreed.

Mr. Ferguson further added saying “It was a really volatile atmosphere,”.

Even the arch-rival boss can not deny the magnitude of the crowd at Anfield. No one could deny the facts that crowed acts as the 12th man on the pitch for Liverpool when Anfield roars.

Ferguson Praised Anfield, Whats next?

The way Sir Alex Ferguson praised the atmosphere of Anfield naming it as “marvelous” even surprised Neville. No one really has more reason to play down Anfield but he talks it up and that too he was so quick to talk up Liverpool like that.

Of course, we all do agree with Sir Alex that Anfield has one of the most attractive and electric crowds in England. However, due to the government guidelines and the pandemic outbreak, Anfield has been without its fans for more than a year now.

It not only affects the viewer at home but the team as well. Liverpool recently had 7 a row losing streak at Anfield in the Premier League. This is the most in the club’s entire history, but that wouldn’t be the scenario if fans would have been present in the stadium.

However the situation is under control in England now and finally, Liverpool will be welcoming fans back at Anfield. In the last match of the season, Liverpool will face Crystal Palace at Anfield, which will be full of 10,000 Liverpool supporters in the stadium.

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