Sunil Gavaskar on Cheteshwar Pujara playing 100 test matches


Sunil Gavaskar to honor Cheteshwar Pujara before the Delhi test

Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar honored Cheteshwar Pujara before India’s second Test against Australia at Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi. Pujara became the 13th Indian player to participate in 100 Test matches.

Since making his debut in October 2010, the reliable cricketer has amassed 7021 runs in the Test format of cricket. Pujara has been an essential member of the team for more than a decade. He has performed exceptionally well in both home and overseas matches.

Gavaskar recognized and praised Pujara for his hard work, self-belief, and focus in achieving his goals. Additionally, Gavaskar highlighted Pujara’s resilience in facing career setbacks and repeatedly proving himself.

When we are playing as kids growing up, whether we are playing at home, down the streets and maidans, we all dream of playing for India. It’s an unbelievable feeling and you want to do that over and over again. You need a lot of hard work, determination, self-belief to lift yourself up from lean periods, and then stay focussed on getting the job done. When you go out to bat, it’s as if you’re taking the India flag with you. You’ve put your body on the line for India,”

said Sunil Gavaskar in the felicitation ceremony.

β€œYou’ve taken the blows, you got up, and you made bowlers earn your wicket. Every single run you scored is a big plus for India. You’ve been a role model for what hard work, self-belief, and dreams can do. Welcome to the 100th Test club,”

the 73-year-old added.

“score a big hundred” says Gavaskar

While a dozen other Indian cricketers have played 100 Test matches, none of them were able to score a century on the momentous occasion. Gavaskar expressed his hope that Pujara would be the first to break this streak.

“I wish and pray you that you become the first Indian to score a big hundred in your 100th Test and lay the foundation for yet another win in Delhi,”

the legendary cricketer said.

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