T20 World Cup: Kohli slammed the nonsensical theories

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Virat Kohli on Saturday refused to debate on the reason for his decision of quitting the national T20 captaincy. Kohli won’t be playing as a captain after the T20 world cup anymore.

People showed their different opinions on why Virat would want to quit T20 captaincy. With plenty of theories circulating on internet for Virat’s decision. He seem uninterested in the topic as it doesn’t make any sense to debate about nonsensical theories.

Eyebrows were raised, and Virat responded with a simple response, as he says-

“I have already explained myself a lot and I don’t think I need to harp on that anymore,”

Although, while IPL was going…he did tell the try to put the right perspective into the picture for the fans. On Star Sports Channel, he was speaking with Jatin Sapru. And it was there that he explained his decision to resign as captain in the most sensible way possible. Ab de Villiers backed him up in his decision and agreed with his point of view in the conversation. Virat is aware of his workload. That’s why he won’t take on more than he can handle.

Saurav Ganguly said there wasn’t any pressure from BCCI on Kohli to leave captaincy after the World Cup

Kohli became visibly irritated when asked the same question over and over. And he lambasted it, claiming that his main goal is to perform well in cricket. And he only considers what is crucial for the team.

Since the T20 world cup is on board, Kohli and co. will try their best to win the trophy as they should. And make the legacy of Kohli even more fancy.

When Kohli revealed his decision to step down as T20 skipper, Saurav Ganguly was taken aback. However, he also stated that it only appears to be attractive from the outside. Captaincy is a difficult job, and Kohli should be commended for his achievements. Though, Virat will lead the team in ODIs and Tests match.

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