There were Team Rohit and Team Virat inside Team India says Sridhar


There is always some kind of fan war happening on every social media as Rohit and Virat are the modern-day legends of the game. Instead of thinking how lucky Indian fans are they are comparing each other and trolling the other one. Despite these fan wars, there were many reports stating the rift between both of them.

What reason for the rift between Rohit and Virat?

The main reason was Rohit winning the IPL continuously and Virat couldn’t win either in India or with RCB in IPL. Many Ex- Indian players started to question Virat not winning the multi-national tournament. To, date Virat captained India in 3 ICC Trophies but didn’t win any of those. on the other side, Rohit performed very well whenever given the chance to lead the team. This was the main reason for the rift between both.

The coach at that time was Ravi Shastri, he play a vital role in solving the rift. Once he came between the two many things smoothened easily. Ravi said in his typical style

“I want you to put all this behind you and get together for us to move forward”.

How Shastri solved the issue?

After the exit from the World cup and during the West Indies tour Shastri called both of them and discussed the things between them. And asked them to take forward the Indian team to the greatest heights. The way Ravi Shastri handled was simple and so mature. After that, Both Rohit and Virat backed each other during their tough times. Nowadays, their bond is so beautiful to watch for Indian fans. But both coming into their prime form will not be that beautiful to the opponents.

” you could see that things started to get better after Ravi’s action was was swift, simple and decisive. It was just getting both the guys together, sitting them down and making them talk. Ravi didn’t waste any time in doing so”. added Sridhar

He further said,

“one for all, all for one, but team above all”

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